Who is Verbena?

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My passions are my love for food, cooking, gardening, reading and studying history. I decided to create a fantasy fiction series to encompass all my passions… THE LAST SEA-WITCH series revolves around Verbena White, the very last sea-witch. Verbena’s female lineage has always had the power to control water, in all forms, from storms to rivers and oceans. Verbena is living in hiding because of her very special magical abilities. After Verbena’s twin sister and mother are killed in a tragic accident, her family convinces her to go into hiding. Verbena’s adventures take her around the world in search for the secret to her powers. Verbena loves her two nephews and niece, the triplets. She keeps contact with them while she is in hiding through a secret mirror. One night she fails to appear in the mirror and the triplets know immediately that something is very wrong. After several days pass their anxiety grows. After three weeks go by, they devise a plan to go search for her, they know that there are eyes on them everywhere, but they also know that something must be very wrong for their aunt to not have made contact by now. They don’t know where she was in hiding, but they start collecting all the clues they can and start out on the journey of their lives. With one goal: Save Aunty Verbena! The first clue they find is Aunty Verbena’s Kitchen Cookbook. Their aunt’s cookbook was her journal from all her travels and exploits from around the world. She documented every favorite recipe, gardening tip and magical lesson she learned in her travels.